Dorothy’s Oz Dream

A Guide to Enchantment and Empowerment

Dorothy’s Oz Dream,

Once upon a time, many of us — and perhaps you yourself — were curled up in front of the family television, enraptured with delight as we joined Dorothy crossing to an enchanted and empowering dreamscape.  Dorothy used myth, metaphor and magic to help her find and develop her wisdom, passion and courage.

Dorothy’s Oz Dream: A Guide to Enchantment and Empowerment  weaves itself through the now mythic Oz tale. Why Oz? On its surface, The Wizard of Oz is a familiar fable about Dorothy on a dreamed up “hero’s quest”  — finding her way to her passion, smarts and courage. This seemingly simple story has embedded itself into the American consciousness.

Yet the story is also a magical allegory of self-empowerment. This is especially so for millions of American women who were imprinted by this film that reversed traditional gender roles.

In a complete turnaround from fables like Sleeping Beauty, Oz men were incomplete and unreliable. They were only half men since they were half animal (cowed monkeys and a cowardly lion), half vegetable (straw), half mineral (tin) or half pints (munchkins). The only completely human man, the wizard, a blustering charlatan, a bunch of hot air.

Oz showcased strong women who had all they needed to walk their own paths (in ruby slippers, no less), control their own destinies, and enjoy some magic along the way.

Dorothy’s Oz Dream gently guides readers toward their inner resources, illustrating and using many tools such as indirect and open-ended questions; counterintuitive notions (such as a cowardly lion), dream language such as symbols and puns (Almira Gulch–something cut down by water) and allegories. It explains and explores these and other Oz concepts in a respectful and inviting way.

The book illustrates Oz concepts with other classic and contemporary transformational metaphors, in addition to those used in the Oz story.

Metaphors, allegories and open-ended questions allow a wide range of readers with a tremendous variety of life experiences to respond in their own way to consider their own solutions that they apply to their own lives. This approach offers personal benefits of enduring value, since readers may incorporate into their psyche appropriate stories and metaphors in a manner they find best.

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